Bellwether Consulting

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Logo and Website Development, Graphics, Copywriting
Project Management Consulting

The mission of Bellwether Consulting is to support meaningful change by helping water utilities leverage technology to better serve their local communities. Bellwether needed an online image including a website and logo design to ignite their growth in the southeast. 

Innovations in project managment

Creating 'flow' with Cinergie Marketing ...

It all started with a conversation, which flowed to an idea: In a flock, one sheep must lead the way. Long ago, it was common practice for shepherds to hang a bell around the neck of one sheep in the flock, thereby designating it the lead sheep, or bellwether. 

Cinergie’s design department created a series of logo mockups, and from there a decision was made. Then, the process turned to the digital side. The clients wanted a simple, yet bold, web solution. With the addition of video, client testimonials and customer case studies, our flow continues. And Bellwether’s growth is nation-wide.